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iT Guru is one of the most affordable and flexible website creators and designers available today providing high quality websites and web designs.

We offer features and design options no other company can compare with, in addition we provide the highest quality in client support.

iT Guru strives to be the best available website service provider, not only providing website services, but expanding our services to offer graphic design and more.

At iT Guru our vision is to create a service that is fast, effective, and enjoyable for the customer. We aim to provide top-quality service in every aspect of our business.

We also aim to get your computer serviced. This should not feel like a chore to you nor should it be something to fear. That is why we aim to make the process as enjoyable and easygoing as can be. We want our customers to become fans of our service. A satisfied customer is just not enough, we want our customers to be happy and comfortable that they will refer us to friends.

We are always focused on the customer. That means we do our projects time, get the work done, and we always make sure that you know how to use the service that we've implemented.

We will answer any questions you may have and help you with any extra website or computer needs.

iT Guru is the FAST and EFFECTIVE solution for all of your website and computer needs. We are trained and certified to be able to get the job done.

From the moment you contact us, you'll see why our clients rate us as #1! We are polite, knowledgeable, and professional.

We offer next day service as well as same-day.

We offer a variety of services to help you achieve your goals in the website and computing world. No matter what your needs are, we have the solution for you.

We offer custom-tailored upgrade services to get your computer running faster than ever. You don't have to be a geek to tune your PC. Give us a call and we'll work with you to turn your slow computer into a super computer.

Yelp Reviews

Wesley S.

Our job was for new construction on a residential home. Erik came out and assessed our needs for security cameras, entertainment system and internet. Erik and his team probably came out a total of 10 times during the construction and install working on wiring placement for the outdoor cameras, speakers and WiFi. He installed the brains for the whole system as well as our TV and hid our antenna in the attic. He was very flexible with the hours that he met us at the job site working around our work times and schedules.

What I really liked is that he presented us with different options and listened to us as to what our needs are right now and what they might be in the future. He did not push one product over any others but laid out options and let us choose. He ran wiring for more than what we have now in case we want to upgrade so that in the future it would already be in place.

He is very conscientious and is always on time. He is a good communicator and made sure that we were happy with everything before completing the job.

We would highly recommend him for doing this kind of work in your home or office.

Alexis M.

I called Erick less than a week ago to speak with him regarding my computer issues. I had no idea what was wrong with the computer and it was my first time speaking with him. He had me come in the same day to drop everything off and called me in less than 24 hours with the verdict.

My computer's hard drive was replaced and Windows was reinstalled. I am incredibly grateful for the amount he charged for the fix-up. It was so much cheaper than going into a name brand store.

Not only did Erick fix my computer, but he updated all of my video cards, flash players, java- absolutely everything. He didn't have to do that, but it was a nice gesture since I would have been spending my day downloading every driver I needed.

Thank you for everything and I will be recommending iT GURU.

Wendy R.
rating 10/14/2014

I've been a customer of Erick for a 3-4 years and he's great. If I have an emergency at the office, he will literally be there as fast as he can and if he can't physically show up he has helped me on the phone for well over an hour. He's patient and pretty fair. If something is still not right, he makes sure job is not done til it's fixed. #1 thing about Erick is how available and communicative he is. He genuinely seems to care about his work and his customers. Thank you Erick!!

Nancy V.

Erick returned my call promptly. His service was fast, his prices more than reasonable, and his attitude all about service. Best of all is that he will come to you if that is best for you. I have no hesitation in recommending him for computer analysis and repairs. I.T. Guru will be my go-to for any computer problems in the future.

I was searching for a better alternative to the Geek Squad, as my experiences with them have been terrible. They take a long time, charge a lot, and have not stood behind their work. I'm very glad I found I.T. Guru.

Sabrina A.

I am so happy and thankful to have found Eric at IT GURU. I will definitely use them for all my future computer needs. The quickness, great price, and exceptional customer service is unparalleled to any one or an company I have used before. He was kind enough to come to my house and assess my situation, take the computer to his shop, and even drop it off to my home when it was completed.

Though Eric was referred to me, I do not allow just anyone to come into my home. Speaking with him on the phone and ultimately meeting him, I knew that he was a very kind, trust worthy, and someone who really knows his computers. Absolutely Professional and Prompt. I am so pleased at how clean my computer runs and how fast it is now, like new! THANK YOU ERIC! :-)